What is happening in your business now?

It is impossible to be at your business everyday. It is harder if there are multi-location involved. GBSdvr system allows you to be present on all your locations remotely at the same time.

Protect your business against theft!

Inventory "shrinkage" - including employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud - cost US retailers $34 billion in 2004, according to the latest National Retail Security Survey. As a result, retailers are increasingly using digital video surveillance to cut "shrinkage losses" as well as reduce the time demands of false alarms.

  • Monitor employee performance and customer service.
  • Verify with live and recorded video that a security alarm is an actual alarm and not a false one.
  • Gather merchandising intelligence.
  • Make sure your staff are safe and protected.
  • Send invitations to clients let them see how well you do business.
  • Record video when a motion is detected at home and get notifications on your Cell phone, email almost immediately.
  • Always know what is happening and what happened with one account.
  • Never worry about any computer upgrade.
  • Totally a web base solution.

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