Who is taking care of your property?

You can view Live and Archived images of your cottage or investment property now. See if there is a break and entry in your cottage. Have the evidence on file. Historically when thieves break in they take away the evidence with them i.e VCR or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) but having GBSdvr system the evidence is stored on a secure server that can not be altered or stolen. You could retrieve your evidence from anywhere/anytime. Give yourself the peace of mind that your assets are secure and in the event of break-in you could be notified almost immediately.

With GBSdvr system you can;

Inventory "shrinkage" - including employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud - cost US retailers $34 billion in 2004, according to the latest National Retail Security Survey. As a result, retailers are increasingly using digital video surveillance to cut "shrinkage losses" as well as reduce the time demands of false alarms.

  • Monitor and protect remote assets
  • Be notified via Cell phone, PDA or pager if any motion is detected.
  • Verify with live and recorded video that a security alarm is an actual alarm and not a false one.
  • Send invitations to buyers to see and buy your property remotely.
  • Record video when a motion is detected and get notifications on your Cell phone, email almost immediately.
  • Reduce travel expenses between properties
  • Always know what is happening and what happened with one account.
  • Never worry about any computer upgrade.
  • Totally a web base solution.

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