How are your loved ones?

Today more and more elderly or disabled family members choose to stay and live at home as long as possible. GBSdvr system allows you and other family members to be in touch with them as often as you wish. To monitor their activity and check up on the caregiver.

With GBSdvr system you can;

  • Make sure that the caregiver is there and cares for your loved one.
  • Verify with live and recorded video that a security alarm is an actual alarm and not a false one.
  • Check in on your loved ones and playback archived for a peace of mind.
  • Keep everyone informed via notifications and pictures.
  • Send invitations to family and friends and let them watch Live video of special occasions.
  • Record video when a motion is detected and get notifications on your Cell phone, email almost immediately.
  • Always know what is happening and what happened with one account.
  • Never worry about any computer upgrade.
  • Totally a web base solution.

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